Demonstration Videos


Video demonstrating the ordering process for SonoAnalyzerIf you've ever purchased software online, the ordering process will be familiar to you and you can skip this video.

  • Select product
  • Add to cart
  • Go to checkout
  • Enter billing details
  • Finalise order
  • Make payment
  • Download software and license key

Payment options are PayPal (including major credit cards), bank transfer or cheque. On receipt of payment the product download and license keys will be available through your account (this is immediate for PayPal payments, including credit cards, but only after the payment clears for cheques or bank transfers).


Video showing installation of SonoAnalyzer softwareThe SonoAnalyzer program is suitable for all recent versions of Microsoft Windows (2000, XP, Vista, Windows-7, either 32 or 64-bit). The installation process is by a conventional "setup.exe" file.

  • Run setup.exe
  • Choose installation options
  • Run program
  • Enter license key and register online

As soon as the license key is registered the SonoAnalyzer program is ready for use. Please keep a record of your license key so that you can repeat this process if for any reason (eg. hard drive failure) you lose access to the program.

Introduction to use

Video showing introduction to and basic use of SonoAnalyzerThe SonoAnalyzer program is designed to be simple and intuitive to use. Its appearance is similar to a web browser with a menu bar at the top, status bar at the bottom, tabbed input forms and a graphics window. This video demonstrates:

  • The different parts of the program window
  • All the menu and submenu options
  • All the tabbed input forms
  • The unit controls for dimensions and material properties
  • How to adjust the 3D graphics window

Models and Methods

Video demonstrating SonoAnalyzer horn analysis models and methods"Model" refers to the geometry of the sonotrode - a simplified representation of the real shape as, for example, a ring or a stepped cylinder. The accuracy of the results will depend on how closely the model resembles the real sonotrode. More information. "Method" refers to the source of results (modes and frequencies). Two methods are offered at pre-launch: Online database and online FEA. More information. This video demonstrates the models and methods offered with the pre-release version of SonoAnalyzer.

Advanced usage

Other topics coming soon.

  • Auto-tuning
  • Custom materials