SonoAnalyzer Free setup.exe and demo / example files:

SonoAnalyzer Free is a limited demo version and a viewer for results files saved from either of the full SonoAnalyzer versions. These downloads are free but note the large file sizes - your ISP may impose charges if you have a metered connection.

No purchase, registration or license activation is required. No online access is provided with this product and no support is included. However if you would like to be added to our mailing list and kept up-to-date with major new releases and special offers (on past performance probably no more than about 2 messages per year!) please register for this site and add a note of your interest.

    Size MD5
SonoAnalyzer Free version 2.2.0 (details) Download 165MB e0cda534ab9549969a7403e8945bbf9c
Free database models Download 790MB 9ae492c9dbe265a022df85fb12e90711
Example analysis results files #1 Download 82MB e07415ddd64f38e6365248d3a60f32fe
Example piezo transducer analysis Download 32MB bc5f0a05db975bcd9c8d5169985051be
Example overlapping geometry STEP file Download 14kB 5e7bfb38027a3792fd27c30abc5828f2

SonoAnalyzer OE and Pro setup.exe files:

These files are available only after purchase. Please log into your user account on and go to the "Files" tab to download.

    Size MD5
SonoAnalyzer OE version 2.2.0 (details) User account 162MB 3629a9bcfcb5b859682f5f12cb89a5e2
SonoAnalyzer Pro version 2.2.0 (details) User account 162MB 0b28dee3c58dd3bcd1f1376ca9ee0018
SonoAnalyzer Pro version 2.3.0 (details) User account 209MB 9274e121052dd1ba422e4698f06238d0

SonoAnalyzer Pro support files:

The purchase of SonoAnalyzer Pro includes online access to cloud-based analysis servers. However some Pro users may prefer to run their own analysis server locally to run the finite-element analysis. SonoAnalyzer Free and OE users may also set up their own local analysis servers to re-run saved SonoAnalyzer Pro analyses.

The downloads below offer convenient packages of free open-source software and are made available under the terms of their respective licences. For more details see the Pro support packages page. Again please note the large file sizes - your ISP may impose charges if you download these over a metered connection.

    Size MD5
Cygwin + Cygwin/X + CalculiX + FreeCAD + Gmsh + NetGen (version 2.02 setup.exe for SonoAnalyzer v2) More information Download 570MB  dc5496b3c32feb99d1087dafca5f431b
Cygwin + CalculiX + FreeCAD + Gmsh (version 3 setup.exe for SonoAnalyzer v2.3+) More information Download 628MB 33f4bca3954a8e05afba5bc52d0e5301