SonoAnalyzer Support

Your SonoAnalyzer purchase includes one year's support for any problems you may encounter downloading, installing and using the software. However please note that certain issues are outside the scope of this support service, including

  • process design (eg. plastic welding joints, material compatibility etc.),
  • equipment specification (eg. selection of frequency, power, suitable generators and transducers etc.),
  • suitability of your sonotrode design for a particular application.

The SonoAnalyzer software gives you the ability to estimate natural frequencies and mode shapes for certain sonotrode designs, and the included technical support covers this usage only. Further advice, specific design assistance, finite-element analysis and consultancy is available on an individual basis at extra cost. For more details please refer to consultancy services from

Sales support is available by ticket or email to registered users only. If you have any pre-sales questions please log in to your account, or if you don't already have an account register here first. Once you have logged in, please return to this page for further details.