SonoAnalyzer Free Analysis Models

The analysis types are currently available for SonoAnalyzer Free:

Stepped-cylinder modelStepped Sonotrode (Free DB)

Axial-mode sonotrode or booster comprising two solid-cylindrical volumes (corresponding to the input and output of the sonotrode) joined by a step in the middle. Different diameters of the two cylinders determine the amplitude ratio between input and output. Where applicable, a small (fixed 3mm) radius is used for stress-relief on the internal corner.

Dimensional ranges
Length from 50 to 200mm
Input and output diameters have linked limits:
Average diameter up to approx 65mm
Diameter ratio up to 2.5:1




Ring sonotrode modelRing (Free DB)

Radial-mode sonotrode in the shape of a simple hollow cylinder.

Dimensional ranges
Axial thickness (length) from 10 to 50mm
Inside and outside diameters have linked limits:
Inside diameter from 20mm upwards (with relatively small o.d)
Outside diameter up to 300mm (with relatively large i.d)






Tube sonotrode model

Fixed-end tube (Free DB)

Radial-mode sonotrode in the shape of a simple tube (hollow cylinder) fixed radially at both ends.

Dimensional ranges
Axial length from 50 to 100mm (length is not a significant variable - modes repeat along the length)
Wall thickness 2 to 10mm
Outside diameter 60 to 200mm