SonoAnalyzer OE and Demo - version 1.0.0 released

PowerUltrasonics is pleased to announce the release of SonoAnalyzer OE version 1.0.0, along with a new demo version that is identical except for the license - the demo license expires after 30 days and permits only a limited number of analysis runs.

Changes from the previous version (RC 0.9.9) include:

  • Support for full / demo versions
  • New graphics: splash screen, icon and analysis icons have been updated (On demo version, old-style numeric analysis icons are retained to indicate the "cost" of each analysis type).
  • New feature: "Fixed grid" option in graphics menu complements the existing "Show grid" option, allowing the user to display a grid either moving with the animated mode shape or fixed in the zero-displacement position, or both.
  • New feature: Simple help browser accessed by Help -> Manual shows a local copy of the Manual pages, current at the time of release (the latest version of the manual will remain online at this website).

Information for current SonoAnalyzer RC users:

The changes from RC 0.9.8 or 0.9.9 are largely cosmetic so if you're comfortable running one of these versions then upgrading is optional.

The license key shown under Product Keys in "My account" will still show "SonoAnalyzer RC" but all RC licenses are now exactly equivalent to OE licenses. RC license expiry has been set to September 1, 2013, giving one year from release (as promised) plus an extra 3 months as a thank you to the early adopters.

The file download shown under Files in "My account" will still show "SonoAnalyzerRC-setup.exe" but the download link will now provide the SonoAnalyzer OE setup file.