Demo / trial products and upgrades Available   Price

SonoAnalyzer Free / Demo - for simple models or viewing results from Pro and OE

Now   FREE

Ten-days PAYG access - SonoAnalyzer OE

Now   $100

SonoAnalyzer OE - upgrade from PAYG with 12 months online services

For PAYG users only   $650

SonoAnalyzer Pro - upgrade from PAYG with 12 months online services

For PAYG users only   $1400


Full products and ongoing service Available   Price

SonoAnalyzer OE - new purchase with 12 months online services

Now   $750

SonoAnalyzer Pro - new purchase with 12 months online services

Now   $1500

Upgrade OE to Pro (no extension of expiry)

For OE users only   $750

Upgrade OE to Pro (plus 12 months + online services)

For OE users only   $1000

SonoAnalyzer OE - 12 months online services

For OE users only   $250

SonoAnalyzer Pro - 12 months online services

Pro users only   $400

The SonoAnalyzer product family is now complete, comprising three versions: Free, OE and Pro, along with demonstration, upgrade and annual maintenance options.

Currently available:

SonoAnalyzer Free / Demo is a free version of SonoAnalyzer intended for simple modelling, educational purposes and viewing models created in SonoAnalyzer OE and Pro.

Ten-day PAYG license for SonoAnalyzer OE offers the opportunity to fully test SonoAnalyzer OE for ten days.

SonoAnalyzer OE (online edition) is a reduced-cost entry-level version providing access to shared finite-element analysis.

SonoAnalyzer Pro is the flagship version. Pro offers more complex models including slotted blocks and multiple-component analysis, plus the option to use your own computing power for fully standalone finite-element analysis.


SonoAnalyzer RC (release candidate) was a pre-release version of SonoAnalyzer OE. All existing RC licenses have been converted to OE and no further RC licenses will be issued.

SonoAnalyzer beta was an early beta-test version of SonoAnalyzer, released to a limited number of volunteer testers. No further support or downloads are available for this version.

SonoAnalyzer Demo was a fully-functional with 30 day, limited use trial license. It has been replaced by SonoAnalyzer Free (no license required).

SonoAnalyzer Pro beta was the private beta-test version of SonoAnalyzer Pro, released to purchasers of SonoAnalyzer OE. The final version (1.5.2) expired 13 Feb 2015. This has been replaced by the full release version of SonoAnalyzer Pro (1.6.0 onwards).