SonoAnalyzer version 2 - coming soon

Apologies for the long wait but it's finally coming. SonoAnalyzer version 2 will offer geometry import and export in the platform-independent STEP file format. This means:

  1. You can export a SonoAnalyzer model and use the geometry in your own CAD-CAM systems.
    From SonoAnalyzer geometry create a STEP file to import into any CAD system
  2. You can import your own design (any geometry) into SonoAnalyzer and calculate its resonant frequencies, amplitudes and stresses.
    From geometry created in your CAD system, import to a SonoAnalyzer model

Full details will be published on release and an email notification will be sent to all on the mailing list. For now a beta version is in testing - available to all current SonoAnalyzer Pro license holders so if you'd like to join them please purchase SonoAnalyzer Pro or (for previous buyers whose license has expired) renew your licence.