SonoAnalyzer Pro, OE and Free - version 1.7.0 released

Announcing the release of SonoAnalyzer Pro, OE and Free, all now at version 1.7.0. These are built for Windows 64-bit (all previous releases were 32-bit) and include several bug-fixes and improvements. As an upgrade to the Pro cylindrical-axial models with stepped / conical / exponential / user-defined external profiles and optional internal hole, new versions are introduced that also includes an optional internal "core" (simple cylindrical or profiled, like the hole) which may be of a different material. As for all Pro models, SonoAnalyzer OE and Free (latest versions) can load and view results files but cannot perform new analyses of this type.

By combining multiple elements with profiled cores it is possible, for the first time, to analyze sonotrodes with screw-on tips and sandwich-construction ultrasonic transducers, as in the image to the right. Certain limitations are inherent to this type of analysis however - please see the updated Pro-models manual page for full details.

Upgrade is strongly recommended. Further details are shown below.

Internal core for modelling sandwich-construction transducers

This is easily the feature most requested by SonoAnalyzer users. Initial trials have delivered promising results but I'd like more comparative results (SonoAnalyzer predictions vs. actual measurements) to gain confidence in the new models. So until further notice I'm offering a free modelling service: If you have a transducer design you're willing to share I will model it for you and provide a SonoAnalyzer results file. In return I ask that you provide the measured resonant frequency of the finished transducer for comparison. All designs will be treated as strictly confidential, as for all SonoAnalyzer data.

Known limitations:

The core is either perfectly joined to the outer part or completely independent of it. The connection between a screw and tapped hole is similar but not exactly the same. Users are recommended to use caution with the results until proven with real results.

Pre-stress modelling (eg. tension in the screw with corresponding compression in the sonotrode) is not currently available.

Linked piezoelectric - mechanical analysis is not available; the finite-element analysis is based on simple elastic material properties.

For more detailed discussion of limitations please see the Pro-models manual page.

Other improvements:

64-bit builds
All versions are now built as native 64-bit Windows applications. This is a requirement for the larger models now possible in SonoAnalyzer Pro, and for viewing the results of these models in OE or Free. For OE models it should also improve reliability, as there have been some reports of out-of-memory errors in use. The system requirements to run SonoAnalyzer have been changed accordingly.

In Pro multi-element models, components are now coloured differently depending on the material chosen.


Meshing failures: In previous versions of SonoAnalyzer Pro with user-defined models, certain types of geometry would cause a meshing failure displayed as "System error 01". All reported instances have been fixed, both for the new #4 models and the earlier #3s. Clients are requested to continue reporting any issues for continuing improvements.

Error reporting: The catch-all "System error 01" is used for a variety of errors that are non-fatal (do not cause a program crash) but prevent normal operation of the program on specific model shapes. Some additional error messages have been introduced to provide more specific information on the failure:
All "System error" messages indicate a problem within SonoAnalyzer - if you encounter one please report it, along with a copy of the .sa model file that triggers the error. Client models will of course be treated as strictly confidential.

Rectangular plate models (very short blocks): The slotted rectangular models were incorrectly showing "Inputs out of range" errors for short lengths with no slots defined. This has been fixed, with minimum length down to 10mm now possible as specified in the manual pages.

Information for current SonoAnalyzer OE / Pro users:

Your updated file download is shown under Files in "My account". The filenames are "SonoAnalyzerOE-setup.exe" and "SonoAnalyzerProR-setup.exe". Please log into your account to download the new file. Uninstalling any / all previous versions is recommended before installing this one. Your saved settings, including the license key, should not be affected by the removal / installation.

Information for SonoAnalyzer Free users:

The latest version is linked on the Downloads page (first item). Filename is SonoAnalyzerFree-setup.exe. On running the program Windows should pop-up a warning stating: "Verified publisher: Power Ultrasonics". Uninstalling any / all previous versions is recommended before installing this one.