SonoAnalyzer Pro RC - version 1.5.0 re-release

There are some significant changes in the pipeline for SonoAnalyzer Pro including access to individual cloud servers for FEA analysis and the ability to save models complete with results in a format compatible with a future free / demo SonoAnalyzer version. Unfortunately the next version isn't quite ready for release yet, while the previous release expires in two days time. So this is a temporary re-release of the Pro version 1.5.0 extending the expiry time. Users who wish to continue using SonoAnalyzer Pro beta / RC should download and install the new version now. Apologies for the inconvenience - I will have something new to share shortly.

Version expiry

Version 1.5.0 (re-release) was built on 31 October 2014 and will expire 22 December 2014.