SonoAnalyzer Pro, OE and Free - version 2.0.9 pre-release PR4

Another update release of SonoAnalyzer version 2 is now available to download in the usual Pro, OE and Free editions. This is the fourth "pre-release", or PR4, and fixes several bugs particularly in the user-geometry models. As always, if you find any issues please let me know.

This update includes mostly bug-fixes as follows.

Problems loading user-geometry models: In certain circumstances SonoAnalyzer would fail to read the original STEP file. Making this worse, the error messages produced were not representative of the real issue (eg. "Unknown / missing or conflicting units definition..."). This could occur even with the demo model provided.

"Save results" on STEP import models was failing to include the original STEP file in the package, requiring the separate loading of both the model (.sa1) and results (.saz).

Negative axis options (-x, -y and -z) were not working properly in demo mode - SonoAnalyzer Free and OE.

Meshing error handling: In the event of an unrecoverable meshing error the user has the option to send information about the problem to help improve SonoAnalyzer. However in the case of user-geometry models the critical STEP file was not included in the package of information. From 2.0.9 it will be. Note that all such information will be held in strict confidentiality and used only for the development of SonoAnalyzer.

"Preparing to save results. Please wait" status was being removed before the preparation was complete.

Additional interpretation of messages generated by Netgen (also shown in console).

Added additional information in Pro servers dialog - now includes "This server is currently selected for use."

Added option in File menu: "Reset SonoAnalyzer" - clears cache and returns SonoAnalyzer to initial state.

Information for new purchasers (Pro):

New purchases will be provisioned with version 2.0.9 software and version 2 analysis server. Version 1 can be provided on request but is no longer recommended.

For information on all available products please see the purchase page.

Information for new purchasers (OE):

New purchases will be provisioned with version 2.0.9 software as standard but version 1 can be provided on request.

STEP export is supported on SonoAnalyzer OE version 2.x for current OE models but the new STEP-imported models are only available on SonoAnalyzer Pro.

For information on all available products please see the purchase page.

Information for current license holders (Pro or OE):

Updates are included with your original purchase for one year. The new download can be found in your user account under the "Files" tab. On Pro, the new file is named "SonoAnalyzerPro2-setup.exe". On OE the new file is named SonoAnalyzerOE2-setup.exe.

Upgrading from version 2.0.8 / 2.0.7 / 2.04:

Version 2.0.9 can be installed on top of 2.0.4, to take advantage of the larger cache of results files in the earlier version. There is no advantage to installing on top of version 2.0.7 or 2.0.8, but no likely issues either. Your license should be detected automatically. As the changes are mostly in the Pro models, OE users may prefer to wait for a later update unless they want to view the Pro model examples.

Upgrading from version 1.x:

If you have version 1 installed and your license is activated, SonoAnalyzer version 2 should pick it up automatically on the first run after installation. In the event that this doesn't happen it will ask you to register again - you can copy the same key from the "Product keys" tab of your user account.

Version 1 should be uninstalled to clear all old files. You should also clear the user cache to save some disk space - the new version should read the old results but will prompt you to rerun the analysis anyway, so the old cached files are of little use with this version. From the menu choose Options -> Cache -> Clear cache.

The new version also connects to new external servers to perform the FEA and meshing functions. If you choose to use the cloud server provided with the software, this should update automatically but it may take a few minutes after you first run the program.

If you prefer to download and install a server locally, please use one of the downloads for SonoAnalyzer version 2, here.