SonoAnalyzer Pro, OE and Free - version 2.0.8 pre-release PR3

Another update release of SonoAnalyzer version 2 is now available to download in the usual Pro, OE and Free editions. This is the third "pre-release", or PR3, and includes some useful developments in the user-geometry models. As always, if you find any issues please let me know.

This update includes some bug-fixes and new features, as follows.

New axis options: -x, -y and -z (user-provided / STEP geometry):

It's a convention for SonoAnalyzer that the sonotrode axis is aligned to the y axis and the lowest value of y (generally zero) corresponds to the input surface while the largest value is the output. However there's no particular reason why user-defined STEP geometry should follow the same convention. This was the reason for offering a choice of axis in SonoAnalyzer version 2, but it didn't address the possibility that the user geometry might be aligned in the opposite direction. With geometry that goes from inpu to output in the negative direction along the chosen axis, SonoAnalyzer up to version 2.0.7 would reverse the input and output faces, turning a step-up sonotrode into a step-down.

In version 2.0.8 this issue is addressed by allowing the user to choose negative axes, reversing the direction of input and output.

Sectional views:

Some further improvements have been added to the sectional views added in version 2.0.7. Now both the original elements and the elements divided at the cut-plane are now generated, with only one set being displayed (depending on whether sectional view is enabled). As a result there is no longer any down-side to having the sectional view available and accordingly the  new checkbox "Enable sectional view" (introduced in 2.0.7) has been removed.

In SonoAnalyzer Pro the export of STEP files from other models has also been modified to create surfaces that naturally break along the cut surface, minimising the need for modification when importing models generated by SonoAnalyzer itself. The same modification will also be done for OE

Performance improvements:

In complex models (user-provided STEP geometry) with thousands of elements there was a marked slow-down in loading / reloading the model view, caused by the conversion of the solid model (required for FEA) to a surface model used for viewing. In the initial generation a modest improvement has been achieved by code optimisation but once the surface model has been created it's now saved to file, making for a very significant speedup on subsequent reloads.

Smoothing improvements:

User-geometry models employ a mesh of 10-noded tetrahedral elements with mid-side nodes. While the corner positions are generated automatically by NetGen, SonoAnalyzer attempts to adjust the positions of the midside nodes to better conform to the shape of the sonotrode. Up to version 2.0.7 this was limited to searching for surface corner nodes at the same distance from the central axis and adjusting the midside node between them to match the radius. At version 2.0.8 the adjustment routines have been improved to directly read the imported STEP file and extract locations of cylindrical, conical and toroidal surfaces. This feature is still at an early stage of development and user feedback would be much appreciated.

Information for new purchasers (Pro):

New purchases will be provisioned with version 2.0.8 software and version 2 analysis server. Version 1 can be provided on request but is no longer recommended.

For information on all available products please see the purchase page.

Information for new purchasers (OE):

New purchases will be provisioned with version 2.0.8 software as standard but version 1 can be provided on request.

STEP export is supported on SonoAnalyzer OE version 2.x for current OE models but the new STEP-imported models are only available on SonoAnalyzer Pro.

For information on all available products please see the purchase page.

Information for current license holders (Pro or OE):

Updates are included with your original purchase for one year. The new download can be found in your user account under the "Files" tab. On Pro, the new file is named "SonoAnalyzerPro2-setup.exe". On OE the new file is named SonoAnalyzerOE2-setup.exe.

Upgrading from version 2.0.7 / 2.04:

Version 2.0.8 can be installed on top of 2.0.4, to take advantage of the larger cache of results files in the previous version. There is no advantage to installing on top of version 2.0.7, but no likely issues either. Your license should be detected automatically. As the changes are mostly in the Pro models, OE users may prefer to wait for a later update unless they want to view the Pro model examples.

Upgrading from version 1.x:

If you have version 1 installed and your license is activated, SonoAnalyzer version 2 should pick it up automatically on the first run after installation. In the event that this doesn't happen it will ask you to register again - you can copy the same key from the "Product keys" tab of your user account.

Version 1 should be uninstalled to clear all old files. You should also clear the user cache to save some disk space - the new version should read the old results but will prompt you to rerun the analysis anyway, so the old cached files are of little use with this version. From the menu choose Options -> Cache -> Clear cache.

The new version also connects to new external servers to perform the FEA and meshing functions. If you choose to use the cloud server provided with the software, this should update automatically but it may take a few minutes after you first run the program.

If you prefer to download and install a server locally, please use one of the downloads for SonoAnalyzer version 2, here.