SonoAnalyzer OE and Demo - version 1.1.0 released

Screenshot of SonoAnalyzer horn analysis software showing Von-Mises stress at 10 micron amplitudePowerUltrasonics is pleased to announce the release of SonoAnalyzer OE version 1.1.0, also available as a 30-day, limited use demo.

Changes from the previous release (1.0.0) include:
    New feature: Colour contour plots of stress and displacement can now be downloaded from the analysis server and displayed via the File -> FEA menu. Like the animated .gif images available in previous versions, these static images will appear as new tabs in the graphic (right-hand) section of the application. To ensure the numerical values shown in these plots are representative of the real-life situation, a control for input amplitude has been added to the Analysis tab - default value 10 microns peak-to-peak. New coloured areas have also been added to the 3D graphic display to illustrate which surfaces are counted as input and output - green for input, orange for output.

    Enhancement: New View -> Reset menu option to return the 3D graphic display to its initial position.
    Enhancement: Improved light / shadow rendering in 3D graphic display.
    Enhancement: Default number of decimal places in input fields has been tidied up - the number of decimals shown now reflects the likely range of values in the units selected.
    Update: To accommodate the new images and controls the initial / default program window size has been increased to 1024 x 768. The program window can be resized to the user's preference after startup but a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 is now recommended.

Information for current SonoAnalyzer OE users:

Your updated file download is shown under Files in "My account". The filename is "SonoAnalyzerRC-setup.exe". Please log into your account to download the new file. Removal of the previous version is recommended before installing this one. Your saved settings, including the license key, should not be affected by the removal / installation.

Information for current SonoAnalyzer Demo users:

The file download is the same as for the purchased SonoAnalyzer OE and can be downloaded and installed in the same way. Access is still restricted by the demo license. To give demo users a chance to try the new features I've topped up the credits on all active accounts and extended the 30 day limit to a week from now on those about to time out.

Information for current SonoAnalyzer RC users:

The license key shown under Product Keys in "My account" will still show "SonoAnalyzer RC" but all RC licenses are now exactly equivalent to OE licenses. RC license expiry has been set to September 1, 2013, giving one year from release (as promised) plus an extra 3 months as a thank you to the early adopters.

The file download shown under Files in "My account" will still show "SonoAnalyzerRC-setup.exe" but the download link will now provide the SonoAnalyzer OE setup file.