RC 0.9.8 released

A new version: Release Candidate 0.9.8 has been released today. This is mainly about extra features but also includes some minor bug-fixes. This will probably be the last "pre-release" version, so whether you're interested in the new features or just want to help me verify that all is working correctly, please download and test it!

New: Animated "screen dump" of 3D model window.

As mentioned earlier, the new version includes the facility to export the 3D graphic display as an image or animation.

Stepped sonotrode - 2nd axial mode

Still-frame images of the distorted modeshapes are also available. To create these two new items have been added to the View menu:

  1. Frame-stepping (checkbox) - Check this to freeze the animation at a single frame (uncheck for normal animation)
  2. Frame advance - Click this to advance the animation a single frame

Distorted view of ring sonotrode

Note that these images are true "screen dumps" - the size of the image produced is determined by the size of the SonoAnalyzer graphics window, plus a little extra for the titles top and bottom. However it does take significant processing power to generate large images so if you're using an older / lower-spec computer please be patient!


Removed: Credit "points" system

In previous versions access to the online analysis engine has been nominally restricted by the credit points system described on the Fair Use page. I say "nominally" because in practice no user has come close to using their allowance. However I'm concerned that it may put off prospective buyers even though I'm sure it would never affect them. Therefore, from now on I'm removing it from the RC / OE / Pro versions of SonoAnalyzer.

The system isn't wasted though - it will return in a future Demo version to be restricted to only a small number of points, permitting just a few analysis runs to test the software.


Modified: File menu layout

The file menu has been rearranged again to reflect the new functionality. The FEA submenu is now only for requesting server-generated graphics (currently only modeshape animation) and a new "Export" menu has been added for saving files to disk. The Export menu currently has only one option (Model / animation) but this behaves differently according to the graphic tab selected and the animation options:

  • FEA animation tab selected: Save the server-generated animation as a .gif.
  • 3D Model tab selected, animation off: Save a still-frame image of the model.
  • 3D Model tab selected, animation on, frame-stepping off: Save a .gif animation of the vibration mode.
  • 3D Model tab selected, animation on, frame-stepping on: Save a still-frame image of the distorted mode shape.


Bug fixes

Menu checkbox Display -> Animated was not being updated correctly when animation was enabled automatically (after analysis completion or selecting another mode). Fixed.

On the analysis tab, Model class, name and Data source information boxes were not updated correctly after loading a saved model from file. Fixed.

Starting SonoAnalyzer and opening a saved model using the .sa file association was not working. Fixed, ie. you can now double-click on yourfile.sa to start SonoAnalyzer and open the file.


Installation / Upgrade

New buyers will get the new version automatically but if you've purchased an earlier version please log into your account and download the setup file again. I recommend uninstalling the previous version before installing each new version.