Back-end system software update

Von-Mises stress plot of user-defined sonotrodeI've just installed an update to the software controlling the online analysis for SonoAnalyzer. The update will support the generation of stress and displacement contour plots similar to the existing animation download, as shown here (click the image for a full-size version). However the requirement to store stress information means that all new results files are incompatible with the old ones, so all cached analyses had to be replaced.

I have completed the re-analysis of all cached jobs and the new update is backward-compatible with SonoAnalyzer OE version 1.0, so there should be no perceptible effects on users. However, it is a significant change so if you do notice any strange behaviour, particularly involving cached jobs, please let me know.

Stress and displacement contour plots for all online FEA analyses will be available in the next release of SonoAnalyzer OE, due shortly.