SonoAnalyzer version 2

SonoAnalyzer version 2 offers two significant extra features:

Geometry export in STEP format

For transfer to any CAD package, simplifying the process of creating detailed drawings. This is available for all current (non-deprecated) models for both SonoAnalyzer OE and Pro. OE users have access only to the OE models while Pro users can access both.

Geometry import in STEP format

A new model type is available, allowing users to import their own geometry (eg. from a CAD system) to a SonoAnalyzer model, and calculate its resonant frequencies, modal displacements and stresses as for any other SonoAnalyzer model. This feature is for SonoAnalyzer Pro only but users of SonoAnalyzer OE and Free can view a demonstration model and open / view .saz results files saved from SonoAnalyzer Pro.

This page is a placeholder and will be updated shortly with full details and an online manual adapted to version 2.