SonoAnalyzer Pro, OE and Free - version 1.6.6 released

Announcing the release of SonoAnalyzer Pro, OE and Free, all now at version 1.6.6. This update includes fixes for several minor bugs in the user-interface and one (more serious) bug in the animation display for certain ranges of dimensions in the OE stepped sonotrode models. A new "Nodal lengths" output has also been added to the results of the latest OE hollow sonotrode models. Upgrade is strongly recommended. Further details are shown below.


Pro #3 models and some OE stepped models had issues with the top-length as percentage of total ("Auto" mode), including the dimension not recalculating automatically or not becoming editable. Correct behaviour should now be restored.

Fixed: Error "Invalid analysis requested (11)", after abandoning a Pro analysis and switching to a OE model, caused by the program state not being correctly reset.

Fixed: Fatal error when selecting an empty Pro #3 multi-element analysis (first time only - when no other Pro #3 models previously used).

Fixed: Analysis failure on stepped OE models where blend radius coincided exactly with radial step (intermittent - rounding error).

Improved: Brief program freeze while loading complex models, particularly on low-end hardware.

Fixed: OE rectangular block models getting reset to default width on program restart or loading from saved file.

Fixed: SonoAnalyzer Free fails to start on "upgrade" from older OE / Pro versions (missing a directory in the user file structure).


Improvement: Nodal lengths in OE models (available on OE and Pro software):

For all the current OE axial-mode hollow sonotrode models (stepped, conical, exponential and stepped), a new output field In the "Results" tab now shows nodal lengths for axial modes (Axial 1 and 2), in addition to the usual frequency and step-up. These are dimensions from the top of the sonotrode (as shown on the "Dimensions" tab) to positions of zero axial amplitude.

In earlier SonoAnalyzer versions, some ranges of dimensions (notably using a very large radius on the stepped model) would be shown incorrectly in the animation, with a distorted mode-shape. This has now been fixed.

Note that although the name of these models includes the word "hollow", they are equally suitable for use on solid sonotrodes - the hole diameter simply needs to be set to zero.

Information for current SonoAnalyzer OE / Pro users:

Your updated file download is shown under Files in "My account". The filenames are "SonoAnalyzerOE-setup.exe" and "SonoAnalyzerProR-setup.exe". Please log into your account to download the new file. Uninstalling any / all previous versions is recommended before installing this one. Your saved settings, including the license key, should not be affected by the removal / installation.

Information for SonoAnalyzer Free users:

The latest version is linked on the Downloads page (first item). Filename is SonoAnalyzerFree-setup.exe. On running the program Windows should pop-up a warning stating: "Verified publisher: Power Ultrasonics". Uninstalling any / all previous versions is recommended before installing this one.