SonoAnalyzer Free - version 1.6.4 released

Announcing the release of SonoAnalyzer Free, version 1.6.4. This update includes some bug-fixes and several improvements to convenience and usability. Upgrade is recommended for existing users. More details below.

Usability / Convenience

User settings (dimensional units, materials, last analysis etc) are now retained between program runs as on the paid versions. A new menu option has been added under the File menu: "Install Db files" to automatically set up the three FreeDb analysis models available for download.

Bug fixes

Minor issues addressed in OE / Pro version 1.6.3 have also been fixed in Free version 1.6.4, notably problems opening a SonoAnalyzer results file (.saz) using the file association (ie. double-clicking on a .saz file in order to open it in SonoAnalyzer).

Bundled demonstration FreeDb model

From this release on, the program setup file includes a limited-range version of the Stepped sonotrode FreeDb model, allowing some simple analyses to be run "out of the box", without further downloads. On opening the program, the user just needs to click on the "Calculate" button to see the animated shape and then click on the Results tab to see other modes.

Please note that in order to keep the download size reasonable this bundled version only works over a very limited range of dimensions. The standard stepped sonotrode FreeDb model included in the "Free Database models" package on the Downloads page offers a much wider range and SonoAnalyzer OE / Pro models even more.

Information for new users:

The latest version is linked on the Downloads page (first item). Filename is SonoAnalyzerFree-setup.exe. On running the program Windows should pop-up a warning stating: "Verified publisher: Power Ultrasonics". If instead you see a "Publisher Could Not be Verified" message, do not continue with the installation - you may have a corrupted download or even a fake (which might be malware).

Information for current SonoAnalyzer Free users:

As above. Uninstalling any / all previous versions is recommended before installing this one.